Pittsburgh Steelers Jerseys Mike Daniels and Dekker’s playing time in the

Mens Pittsburgh Steelers Antonio Brown Nike Black Game Jersey Pittsburgh Steelers Jerseys Sports news October 28th (the /Calvin Watkins ESPN writer) rocket opener loss to the Lakers, in an interview, James said that the ball is very interesting, but coach DAntoni is hoping to increase Mike Daniels and Dekker’s playing time in the future.
Harden Staw Yan passing fun Dodd wants to add two to play time
Harden love pass
cheap jerseys Yesterday, after the Lakers defeated the Rockets, the match yesterday to watch the video in today’s class, carried out a summary, in the opener, harden scored 34 points, and had career high 17 assists, Haddon also admitted that he is enjoying the pleasure of passing.
“Yes, just want to let my teammates to receive the ball, then give them a layup or is cast in three chance.” Harden said, this feeling great, as long as they do the right thing, the presence of a positive running, I think I will do my job, to give them a reward.”
Wholesale jerseys On the spot in the game, harden will indeed pass as their primary mission, he played a total of which pass the ball 92 times, 56 times, is selfless.
After the first test, coach DAntoni also said he hopes to increase Mike Daniels and Sam Dekker playing time in the future, in the first game, Mike Daniels played 12 minutes to get 11 points, while Cole played 13 minutes, but got only 4 points.
Denver Broncos Jersey  “Some players need to get more playing time, they will get the.” DAntoni said in an interview.
According to the German handsome revealed, Mike Daniels and Dekker in the season before the play has ups and downs, but in the beginning of the season, their performance to the German handsome more confidence. “No problem.” DAntoni said when talking about the status of the two players.

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