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Urias strikes out two in first spring startCheap Jerseys With Spring Training underway,’s Jim Callis and Jonathan Mayo have not only been rolling out their 2017 Top 30 Prospects lists for each of the Major League teams, they’ve also been busy ranking their Top 10 farm systems in baseball. The following is a transcript of a segment from this week’s episode of their Pipeline podcast with Tim McMaster, in which they discuss which teams look to be on the cusp of breaking into next year’s Top 10.

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Tim McMaster: I wanted to move on to systems, good organizations, that aren’t quite there as far as being rated in Pipeline’s Top 10, but teams that you guys think could get there a year from now. And Jonathan, I’ll start with you. You think the Cardinals are headed back in the right direction. It’s obviously a place they’re pretty comfortable having a deep organization.

Jonathan Mayo: Right. I know it seems strange to pick them given the fact that their No. 1 prospect (Alex Reyes) just went down with Tommy John surgery. But sometimes, and I think Jim will probably agree with this, when you are the one who does a team’s Top 30 — and I do the Cardinals’ Top 30 — you don’t even quite realize how much you like a system until you start getting through it. And if you’re writing up guys 21-30 and you’re enjoying those guys not because they have a good story or background, but because, “Wow, this guy actually is talented. Boy, this guy’s got potential.” And that’s what I felt with the Cardinals.

MLB Jerseys Now, they’re all far away. There’s certain risk involved with most of the prospects. But they were really, really active on the international market last July — they spent over $10 million, which will help stem the tide, with the fact that in this coming Draft, they won’t pick for a while. You don’t even need all of them to step up, but I think that if a handful of them take the next step — these are guys that they just signed who haven’t started yet, also includes guys like (shortstop) Edmundo Sosa, (outfielder) Magneuris Sierra, pitchers like Sandy Alcantara and Junior Fernandez — they all have pretty high ceilings. If they all take a step forward in 2017, I’d be shocked if they’re not a Top 10 system next year.