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沃尔32+9比尔关键三分 奇才再胜老鹰总比分 In the game, the Wizards striker suffered a large area of foul trouble, markieff – Maurice and Jason Smith each had 5 fouls, Otto Potter and Kelly urrbrae each 4 fouls. However, Walter and Bill stood out, the wall in the first quarter to get 12 points, the first half to get 17 points, Bill got 16 points in the fourth quarter, the second half to get 20 points, they arranged the Wizards game of the final 12 points by the Wizards game final 23 points 22 points. Backcourt, today is the Wizards winning hero.
In the first round of the series, the wall scored 32 points and 14 assists, of which the third quarter to get a score of 15, led the wizards to win 114-107. Then Millsap said in today’s competition, they must be on Wall: “we must control the two guys (Wall and Bill), Wall grabbed the snake, I think it will give us a very good chance of winning.”
In the opening stage of the game, the Hawks did limit the wall and Bill, in the layup after the success of Howard, they played a 6-2 start. But the Wizards “not so easily able to be restricted, after Bill attack the basket succeeded, then wal and even two goals scored 5 points in the first quarter, with 5 minutes and 24 seconds, Bill once again hit the jumper, the wizards with a 14-0 run counter to open the score to 16-6, and Bill Waldo arranged this 14 points. Fortunately, the eagle was not offensive to wizards this wave hit in the first quarter, with 46 seconds left, Schroder break layup, they 6-0 to complete a wave of small climax, the score to 22-21. After the first section of the Hawks won the lead 24-23, Schroder and Wall scored 12 points in this section, Bill scored a score of 7.
However, the second quarter of the sudden attack of the power of the eagle, this section after playing for two minutes, they were only small Hardaway broke the scoring drought. In this section there are 6 minutes and 18 seconds, Bill hit the perimeter of three points, wizards have opened the score to 40-32. After Howard finished empty dunk, then Prince was on a break to complete the shot, but the Wizards campaign didn’t stop, in this section with 2 minutes and 36 seconds, Gortat hook shot, they opened the score to 47-38. Since then the eagle will be reduced to 4 points difference, the two teams did not score in the last 1 minutes of the season, after half an eagle to 43-51 behind. The first half of the eagle 43 shots in the hit rate of only 34.9%, of which a total of three points in the cast of 0 of the vote in 8.
The first two teams in the series were blown 47 fouls, the Hawks fined the ball, the Wizards fined 17 goals, Millsap complained after the game: the difference between the game is that we are playing basketball, they are playing MMA (integrated combat).” In the first half of the game, the two teams have a total of 29 fouls, the Hawks have been fined 18 goals, wizards fined a total of 16 goals.
In the third quarter, the referee’s whistle was still ringing, and Smith had a foul in the defence of Millsap when he was left with 6 minutes and 48 seconds. The eagles played a counterattack in the melee in this section with 3 minutes and 38 seconds, Millsap throws two balls, they completed a 13-0 run, the score to 74-67. After the Wizards rally, in this section with 1 minutes 37 seconds, the Norwich throws two balls, they will chase the score 72-74. But this section of the Wizards defense obviously did not do well, they let the hawks in this section of 35 minutes, let the eagle with 78-74 lead into the fourth quarter. Millsap scored 14 points in the season, with a free throw of a score of 8.
Jennings became a substitute for the Wizards of the Raiders, in the fourth quarter, he scored and assists, leading the wizards will score tied, but also the game into the white hot stage. After the two teams score rises alternately, left in the game 1 minutes 05 seconds, Waldo teammate pass dunk, who made the 103-98 lead. After the suspension of the small Hardaway jumper is not, wal rebounds and assists Bill scored three points, wizards scored a lead of 8 points, the game time remaining for 38 seconds. After the rush to vote three points not, they immediately take the foul tactics, Waldo two free throws, Millsap rush to vote three hits, the eagles will Zhuizhi the score 101-107, but eventually beat the Hawks to It doesn’t help the situation. wizards, 109-101, made the 2-0 lead in the total score of the series.
In the middle of the second quarter of the game, Bill and his teammates in the basket movement, they have to cover each other. Suddenly, Bill head back, a scream, make pain like he was elbowed? The referee immediately whistle and watch the replay, the original Bill and the eagles rookie Prince contact, Bill was for his teammates to do the cover, there is open Bill’s actions on Prince’s hand, but did not play the action hit elbow. Howard and the referee sentenced to grab the position when the foul, did not judge the foul of Prince Gortat. But late in the second quarter, Bill in the defense fell off, seems to be back up repeat the stock tricks, wizards, Bill quickly got run over.

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Men's New York Knicks Carmelo Anthony adidas Blue Player Swingman Road Prove you are the #1 Carmelo Anthony fan with this Swingman jersey from adidas! The term Swingman is used in basketball to identify a player who has the ability to play multiple positions. Inspired by this, the Swingman is the ultimate New York Knicks jersey. Whether it’s going to the game, spending time with your friends or anything in-between – this jersey does it all. The Swingman includes adidas Climacool ® performance mesh fabrication and one layer twill wordmark, name & number applications. The NBA Swingman jersey – the most authentic Swingman ever made.That season, Kobe served countless classic battle, in December 21, 2005 to play the Mavericks, three in the next quarter, Kobe scored 62 points, 8 rebounds, 3 steals, shot shot up to a maximum of 58.1%. If the game into garbage time early Kobe paratelum did not fight, he had to state his instinctive impact of 70 or 80 points. December 29, 2005 to January 12, 2006, Kobe scored five consecutive games 40+ high scores. January 23, 2006 Toronto, Kobe ushered in the occupation career peak, he scored 46 shots off the unprecedented 81 points, that is fifty years of the most magnificent individual performances, the day Kobe with personal ability to show the extreme over and above all that the world of basketball.
March 4, 2006 to 9, April 1st to 8, Kobe two four consecutive scores reached 40+, the entire season Kobe scored for the 6 time to reach 50+, a total of 27 single game scoring 40 points, scored 20 points lower than the number only 3 games.
In the summer of 2016, Wei less to retain Kevin – Durant failed, former good partner went to the enemy warriors, Wei less feel the burden on the shoulder as heavy as the mountains. Where there is blood, there is a heart, not to mention less than itself is a view of competition as a fun player. In the past Durant rattling thunder, now Durant leave, Wei less need to be able to plan the commander of the armed forces and LTHS dash about in a battlefield, open and close to the world leaders, he will score a winning organization.
Wei less before, people will be Oscar – Robertson 1961-62 season averaging three double sign as an insurmountable, but less in the 2016-17 season, to make people aware of, copy the averaged three double sign is not impossible. This season, Wei less field were 31.6 points, 10.7 rebounds, 10.4 assists, becoming the team in the history of the two games were averaging three pairs of players. In addition, Wei Shaodan season 42 times and scored three double breaking NBA record, he is also beyond Robertson.
If the score, although less Wei won the scoring, but the scoring output ratio 2005-06 season, Kobe is still slightly inferior, but his magic lies in the attack, and grab a shoulder. This season, Wei rare four game 50+, which is three 50+ three double history first, a total of 18 single game he scored 40 points, only nine games scored below 20 points. In addition, rarely 54 rebounds double Wei, 50 assists on the double, he played such as 57+13+11, 51+13+10, 50+16+10 such a terrible data.
The American company Synergy Sports will attack the way the data is divided into several categories, including positive singles, and roll back singles for the ball attack, like other shooting, the screen attack are no ball attack. 2005-06 season, Kobe only rely on singles scored 924 points in the League first, is worthy of the singles king, he has more than 30% of the score from singles. In addition, Kobe roll offense scored 380 points, hit back with 193 points. In other words, Kobe has 54% of the score from the ball.
This season, Bryant is slightly different and less play, as a guard, because both the organization responsibility, Wei less need more execution and roll his attack more than 35% from the pick and roll, the roll scored 862 points, accounting for the total score of the 34% season. At the same time, Wei is also very much like to go alone, he scored 483 points in the League after the League after James – harden – second. Coupled with Wei Wei as the body to occupy a significant advantage, his back singles increasingly sharp, this season, 193 points from the back play, with the peak Kobe flat. Count down, Wei rarely score of 60% from ball attack, than when Kobe also crazy.
There is a phenomenon especially reflects two people worship of individual heroism, that is the crucial moment that domineering but myself, two people dare to hand in the critical moment, dare to bear the failure of guilt, not afraid of responsibility. In the 2005-06 season, Kobe scored only 11 goals from his teammates, assists, the attack rate was only 22.9%, more than a few key players in the year Mr. Pearce, James are low. Wei Wei less this season, alone, he hit the 82 key ball, which actually only 5 assists from his teammates, the recipient attack rate was only about 6.2%, so low in the history of the recipient’s attack rate.
That year, Kobe has made numerous key ball Savior, this season also a lot less Wei, such as the reversal of the Mavericks hit winner CIC, such as with dig gold a war hit the ultra long distance buzzer three shots, the cheers, like the king of Wei little harbourside.

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 Golden State Warriors It’s an easy three-pointer when you get this Stephen Curry Golden State Warriors Throwback Road Hardwood Classics Swingman climacool jersey from adidas. The climacool technology built into the jersey conducts heat and sweat away from your body to keep you comfortable.Due to health reasons, TJ cannot take up to 13 hours to China flight, he can only appreciate the wonderful performance in the video by brother CBA league. “When I was in high school, I had a lot of anxiety disorders, which made it impossible for me to develop my potential.” “He’s a basketball player,” TJ said. “But I have a lot in my life. I’m happy to see him.”
TJ is 34 years old, and he is more than a year old, and they often play together at the age of. “It was tough for him. I could cover his shots. I never let him play.” TJ said, “every time I take the ball, I’ll try to defend him, and even knock him down a couple of times.”
In Frey Dieter’s big family, each member’s decision is based on the consensus. In the summer of last year, although the Timberwolves and nuggets showed a certain interest in the silent, but ultimately did not give a contract. The Shanghai team has reached out an olive branch, and finally chose to play in china.
“I’m very excited about the decision.” TJ said, China seems to be the best option, where there is a great basketball market, the rapid development of basketball, our family have recognized the opportunity to play there is really good.”
With Shanghai in March, the end of the league schedule, and he returned to the United States, he is looking for a chance to re join the NBA team. The outside world believes that the poor defense of the TJ, which is a major disadvantage of his NBA, and this does not agree with the. “You need a team that has good team defense and can take advantage of him, let him score and play his style.” TJ says.
In February, CBA had 73 points in a game in the CBA, of course, some people think he can cut the score is mainly due to low competitiveness. “It’s great to be able to score 70,80 points in any professional league.” TJ said, if some people think in the CBA cut points is very simple, I will tell them to try it, the idea is very naive.”
ESPN expert Kevin – Pelton has converted the data, think he may be in NBA 19 minutes every 36 minutes. “To be honest, I’m not sure whether this will change the way scouts and coaches think about him.” Pelton said, if you go back to NBA, he may play point guard, and his organizational ability is very general, conversion, then every 36 minutes less than 3.7 assists.”
Taking into account the size of the body and the ability to exercise, he is in the position of the NBA point guard, the defense is always short board, his ability to create scoring difficult to make up.” Pelton said.
It’s hard to know where he will play next season, but if you ask his brother TJ, Shanghai seems to be the best option. “I’d rather he came back to China because I liked his performance there.” TJ said, “in China, only the sky is the limit of the silent, the opportunity will only be more and more. Marbury has proven himself, not to rely on NBA also have a good career, I can see that is followed by his footsteps.”

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Youth Cleveland Cavaliers Kyrie Irving adidas Wine Replica Road JerseyCleveland Cavaliers Jerseys After winning 73 wins and 9 losses last season, the warriors in the finals last season was reversed, failed to win the championship. Last summer the warriors introduced superstar Kevin Durant, at the moment they are 47 wins and 9 losses record ranked first in the west, leading the second spurs 4 wins, they have a chance to regain the championship this season, they also love this opportunity.
Win the championship. It’s all for this, and that’s why we’re playing, to realize this dream.” Curry said, “we know what will happen before the championship. We have lost, and we know the boundaries between success and failure. This is all.”
Cheap Jerseys Since Durant joined the warriors struggling early in the season, curry and Klein – Thompson’s performance is not good. “No matter how many shots, or in other ways to score, everyone just want to win.” Curry said, “how would you describe is not important.”
Now, Durant has adapted to his new teammates, the warrior’s performance has also left a deep impression on. “It’s interesting,” Durant said. “It was a great season. We won the game, the chemistry was good, the city was good, the coach was cool. This is very simple.”
De Raymond – Green is the central defensive warriors, although the warriors lost because of the signing of Durant Andrew Bogut et al., but under the leadership of Green, they found the best condition in the defensive end. “I can’t find anything else that surprises me more than the team’s ability to get back together.” Green said, “we are just immersed in the game, let everything happen naturally.”
wholesale jerseys When it comes to winning the championship, the warriors realize that the knight may be their last obstacle again. “I know who is their strongest player and who knows who you are to win the championship.” Curry said, “in the past two seasons, we conducted two knights and a good fight. Who knows what will happen this year, it’s a different season. Lebron – James played very well, there were some people in the West who played well and we knew we had to beat them to get to the finals. But I only care about our team, is to go back to the finals, no matter who we are, we will be ready for them.”

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Men's Boston Celtics Isiah Thomas adidas White Replica JerseyBoston Celtics Isiah Thomas adidas White Replica Jersey Cheap Jerseys In the first ten years of life, I’ve lived a life of extraordinary simplicity. He’s not James who comes from the protagonist aura of the emperors, high school in Florida local Creole wear the school two years ago, was not strange, don’t pay attention to what he. By the end of the third year, despite the fact that he scored a total of 23 points and 12 rebounds. High school players do not dare to say everywhere, but it is not uncommon. So that year’s Tracy McGrady in Florida local waves? Please, the south coast is magic and Miami two teams, but in the national football frenzy atmosphere, is simply a stepmother. Even if James join, can set off americanairlines arena frenzy, and a young and ignorant child?
NBA Jerseys However, the so-called natural difference, there will be light. 1996 Adidas ABCD camp, gathered around the country master, McGrady also had the honour of being invited to. In front of a large number of black scouts, McGrady wearing Jersey No. 175, which is in accordance with the ability that value distribution of Scout eyes. This let McGrady feel insulted. However, in the left hand and then God’s favored one of the magician Odom, counterpoint, McGrady has occupy obvious advantage, which surprised the presence of scouts. In the group training camp in the battle, McGrady is equal to anything, and James – head of Felton for an instant explosion, windmill dunk – Felton height 2 meter 06, consistent with the United States, many schools are trying to attract the genius behind the buttocks.
“I couldn’t help playing a cold shiver after I had finished the ball. Obviously, I think a moment I’ve been waiting for is coming.” After McGrady talked about that feeling, can not help but to taste.
wholesale jerseys The end of the camp, Tracy McGrady got MVP, he was from a little-known high school student, jump up all the way to second place, it is a little better than Odom. “Sports Illustrated” bad music, Florida that piece of land actually hidden a genius so exaggerated, has to write a three page monograph McGrady. And at the time of the scouting report, McGrady is defined as “a great sleeper”, it is just to deal with McGrady’s sleepy. Logical, the last year of high school, McGrady transferred to North Kamengtesaiang Christian High school. This school is the famous, discipline, for each trick. Came to North Carolina, McGrady firepower, single season led the team to 20 wins and 1 losses, was named the nation’s best high school player. This can also read what university? High school graduation, directly participate in the draft, ranked ninth, is to pick the raptors.

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Men's Philadelphia Eagles Brian Dawkins Mitchell & Ness Black Retired Player Replica JerseyCheap Jerseys “You can see my creativity until Saturday,” Gordon said. “It’s going to be creative, technical, original and innovative, and I’ve practiced it a lot. You wait and see.”
Last year, Gordon participated in the dunk contest, he and defending champion Zach Lavin fighting two rounds of overtime, although the runner up, but the leap, one handed dunk mascot posture swivel windmill dunks and other exciting action or impressed the audience.
This is not the opponent Gordon Lavin, became de Andre – Jordan, Glen – Robinsonm and Jones – Derek. Gordon’s goal is to strive to win the natural, teenager Jones just want to finish the game.
NBA Jerseys “The slam dunk contest means a lot to me,” said Jones, “but I won’t let him go to my head. I know I’ll be there, I’m humble, but I have a desire. I’ll do what I need to do.”
Jones is the famous four minimum dunk contest entries, three days before he was just 20 years old, height 2 meter 01, is the 2016 draft. This season, Jones just scored 5 field goals 3 times which is a dunk. Jones entered the NBA before the dunk had circulated on the Internet, there are many high level dunks.
Gordon said he also saw Jones’s dunk, but he is more focused on their own actions. He is very happy to let the dunk contest again become exciting, attract more people’s attention.
New England Patriots Jerseys “A few years ago the dunk contest becomes boring,” said Gordon, “people don’t want to see. There are too many shooters, people begin to discuss in single match day three points for the final contest staged, instead of the dunk contest. But now people don’t have that.”
wholesale jerseys Nothing can be more fascinating than a student’s fan culture. Whether it is football, basketball, baseball or even hockey, the more rare the less famous jerseys appear more precious. The “Hip-hop” culture is the driver Jersey movement, all star Jersey is a focus of attention of the all star weekend, “Undefeated” has selected the most beautiful history of the 16 All Star Jersey, and order them, following is the specific ranking. (Note: 1997-2002 all star race, players wearing their uniforms competed in 1999 due to a lockout cancelled all star game)

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Men's Western Conference Kevin Durant adidas Charcoal 2017 NBA All-Star Game Swingman JerseyCheap Jerseys Last year I quit because of injuries, “curry said,” now it seems that this is the right decision, but it is also a difficult decision. I have been looking forward to playing for the national team and I am eager for my first Olympic experience. But personally, I have to prepare for the new season and stay healthy.”
Last season, curry and his Jinzhou warriors in the finals for the second straight year, Curitiba, I also suffered a knee injury in the playoffs, so he decided to quit the national team. In 2010 and 2014, the library had two times the battle for the country, the team won the 2010 Turkey World Championships and the 2014 World Cup Champions spain. The library was also in 2015 led the warriors won the NBA championship, he was a champion of the Olympic Games will be able to complete the personal “grand slam”.
“This is a special way on behalf of the state,” curry said, “only 12 players each year to get this opportunity, this is so special. Go ahead, I plan to take part in the 2019 World Cup, stay healthy and strive for a seat in the Tokyo olympics.”
Curry was born on 1988, in recent years, he reached a career peak, the two consecutive season won the regular season MVP. Until 2019 China World Cup and the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, 32 years old, has 31 curitiba. But for MOE God this type of shooter, when he can still maintain the highest level of competitive state.
“I love playing for the national team,” curry said, “can’t let me lose a lot last year with the team. This is a very special experience, you have the opportunity to play with the best players in the NBA team, against the best team in the world.”
wholesale jerseys “I think harden really trying to become a better leader, I also firmly believe that he is the leader,” Mchale says, “leadership is a strange thing, I think there is leadership, when you are in trouble to you. I don’t know what you say, but you perhaps what is not said. But if you can come up with a solution you can see, you can turn it around.”
“As a leader, you might just come out and say, ‘Hey, we have to play better, and everyone has to guard against their own people Then you take the lead and your teammates will follow you. I don’t know whether to teach these things, I think harden in efforts to enhance their own leadership.”
In DAntoni’s rocket, he will harden transformation in order to guard the harden averaged 29.1 points, 11.3 assists, third in the league in scoring, assists to lead the league. Mchale praised the transformation of DAntoni harden, he thinks the ball is right to harden.
“Anthony really did a great job,” Mchale said, “I feel stable to harden the ball, will he set for PG is right, because I was in charge when the rocket harden also has a large ball. Love to harden ball in his hands, we tried to make him in the flanking movement, let him play without the ball, but he has to resist. I think DAntoni is aware of this, and then to harden the ball.”
The harden led the Rockets this season, played 111.5 minutes per round of offensive efficiency, the League ranked second behind the warriors. Mchale believes that they can beat any opponent in a rocket attack.
“They can beat anyone,” Mchale said, “on the rocket, they can beat any opponent with the attack, they are reliable in the shooting, open space, they are very good at doing this. To be honest, I think they can beat any team, but they have to shoot a lot of shots.”
Kevin Durant Jerseys “When the Rockets continue to hit shots, scoring on, you set up a little advantage, get 6-8 points, you as the opponent will feel nervous, because you have to constantly get on the rocket. The rocket to bring the opponent offensive pressure is de Anthony has been good at genuine goods at a fair price, put on the offensive pressure on the opponent, this is the Rockets do.”

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Cheap JerseysMen's Los Angeles Lakers Kobe Bryant adidas Gold Player Swingman Home Jersey The Bulls want a first round pick, they have also signed the first round of the 2017, with the king’s 2017 first round pick, but the king’s picks are the top ten bulls hope that through trade protection, let the hands of the talent resources are more abundant.
The bulls are willing to first round draft pick out of Lopez or McDermott, 28 year old Lopez is a bull in the offseason by Ross deal, Lopez this season for the Bulls games are played 28.1 minutes, averaging 9.8 points, 6.9 rebounds and 1.5 blocked shots, his next two seasons wages totaled $28 million 200 thousand.
25 year old McDermott in the first round of the 2014 draft was picked off by the bulls, he has proved himself a reliable substitute scorer, this season is the contribution of the bulls for the field of 9.9 points in the game in the year of the first draft of the draft in the first place in the draft in. Three point ball is McDermott’s strengths, his NBA career hit point of three points to reach the goal of 40%. McDermott next season’s salary is $3 million 300 thousand, he will become a restricted free agent in 2018.
The bulls are currently seventh in the Eastern Conference, with a total of 26 wins and 29 losses. They have been very active in the market in recent years and are interested in the center of Okafor, who is eager to get the pick up, but also to the center of the 76. It is not clear how to use Lopez or McDermott bull for first round draft picks, and whether the trade association aoka fuxiang. NBA the deadline for this season is 3 p.m. local time on February 23rd.
wholesale jerseys Saunders is the first round of the 2010 15 show, his height 2 meters 08, sports ability of bursting, is a very good defensive center, especially the blocking ability. However, Saunders is also a typical “die”, just played tricks because house reputation plummeted, was eventually bought out the bucks.
2012-13 season, Saunders averaged 9.8 points, 9.5 rebounds and 2.8 blocked shots, the cap ranked second in the League after yibaka. In December 2012 the Minnesota war, Saunders had scored 10 points, 12 rebounds and 10 blocked shots in two. At the end of the season, Saunders got a $44 million contract for $4.
However, after Saunders got the big contract began to stir up trouble, he was injured in the bar fight with people, the two violation of regulations were drug cartel was suspended for 5 games and 10 games, plus a series of injuries, Saunders self renewal in the 2 season altogether has only played 50 games for the bucks.
In February 2015, the Bucks was announced a buyout agreement with Saunders, Saunders was only 26 years old, he is interested in the team, there are still many, but Saunders chose to leave the union beyond all expectations. For 2 years, Saunders’s name has often appeared in the gossip, but he has not signed with any team.
In a period of time, Saunders began to make preparations for his comeback before he went to Boston, Washington on trial, and now with the Lakers meet, but there is no team bid for Saunders.
If you do not take into account the character of Saunders, his technical characteristics are consistent with the requirements of the Lakers in the number five lack of athletic ability, both Mozgov and Zubats are moving slow problem. Saunders’s athletic ability, defensive ability, to defend the pick and roll sealing ability is the Lakers needed.
This season, the Lakers’ defense is very bad, averaging only 3.8 blocks away the bottom of the league, lost 110.1 points per round of League second countdown, only slightly better than the nuggets. Saunders has the ability to enhance the Lakers’ defense, the effectiveness of the Bucks, when he bucks each drtg no more than 100 points.
NBA Jerseys However, the Lakers to sign Saunders there are several obstacles, first of all, Saunders has not played more than two years, his condition is still unknown. In addition, there are 15 players who have filled this roster, to the introduction of Saunders will have to cut a player.
In an interview, Walton expressed appreciation for Saunders, he said: “Saunders is a good cap and hand.”

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Cheap Jerseysadidas Russell Westbrook Oklahoma City Thunder Women's Fashion Jersey - Royal Blue I think he is a small city children, I love small city atmosphere, but there had been like a deserted city, downtown is canbai bear, I don’t even remember a tall building. Now, take a look at the new buildings in the city, and remind me of the way.” — Durant
In the summer of 2008, Durant and his teammates in a university training arena in oklahoma. It wasn’t a basketball court, but an indoor skating rink. Because there is a nearby dog food processing plant, resulting in a strange smell filled the museum. 20 year old Durant, is in such a venue training every day for three hours.
No way, when the team moved to Oklahoma, there is no fixed training hall, players can only play around guerrilla warfare, the planned training center has not yet started construction. “We had nothing at all, really nothing,” said Presti, general manager of the thunder.
Oklahoma businessman Bennet Klein in 2006 $350 million from Starbucks chairman Schultz bought the supersonic, he began to plan the team moved to his hometown. The idea of Bennet at first looks fantastic, because of the supersonic home court is located in Seattle is the largest city of the United States Pacific Northwest, where Boeing, Microsoft, Amazon and Starbucks corporate headquarters, the economic prosperity of the larger population, and Oklahoma City is small compared with the economic aspects of Seattle.
wholesale jerseys However, Bennet’s move was supported by the alliance. The NBA President Stern personally led to Oklahoma investigation, he was the city’s enthusiasm for basketball deeply attracted. “It was a wonderful trip, and we were all moved by the people of the city,” Stern said. “When you come here, you will find that this is the market we want to get.”
The moving reason Bennet is with the Seattle municipal building on the new arena of negotiations always ended in failure, when the team moved to Oklahoma after the news, Seattle local enterprises to retain the team together, Bill Gates arranged Ballmer and Stanton king of the Microsoft CEO wireless jointly invested $150 million for the renovation of the supersonic KeyArena home court but, this NBA seems to have no practical significance. “I think Seattle city ball is too bad,” Stern said, “they study for so long, but still not a new can meet the requirements of the NBA agreement hall.”
Although Seattle is a developed city, but here there are many occupation sports teams, the Seattle Seahawks football, Seattle Thunderbirds hockey, baseball, Seattle seaman, basketball market co.. Bennet bought a supersonic, two years after a loss of $52 million. Oklahoma was not a professional team, NBA team is full of desire. New Orleans Hornets had suffered hurricane hit at home, played two seasons in Oklahoma, the city is quite popular. When the Hornets relocated back to New Orleans, Oklahoma City fans salei farewell, it makes Stern very touched. “It’s not going to be NBA’s last performance in Oklahoma, and NBA will take root in the city,” Stern said.
Oklahoma City Thunder Jerseys Driven by NBA, Bennet finally succeeded in bringing the team to Oklahoma and changed the team to thunder. The move is a new beginning for Oklahoma city. At that time, the thunder is a year before only won 20 games the underdog, no one knows how they in Oklahoma City of what the future will have confidence, but the thunder, because they have the 2007-08 season rookie Durant.
Oklahoma Durant witnessed the whole process from potential star superstar Durant, Oklahoma City in 8 years, the 7 time all star, to become the 4 leading scorer, a regular season MVP. Led by Durant, the thunder moved to Oklahoma second years to return to the playoffs, broke into the Western Conference finals in third years, into the finals in fourth years.

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Cheap JerseysMens Cleveland Cavaliers LeBron James adidas Wine Replica Road Jersey At the same time, compared to the thunder period, Durant this season, the ball possession rate of only 27.6%, even as a rookie, fell to occupation career lows, while curry in the attack end victory contribution value and PER value than last season has decreased significantly, if only from the personal data, like Durant and curry the performance of the field force have declined.
Linked to Durant in the thunder period big kill four, Curitiba in the peak season in the lonely defeat, intuitively, may produce an illusion, the combination of CD deterrence rather than the combination of fried King directly, think that year, Durant in the period of thunder is bigger and stronger when he is young, no partner Du curitiba.
This theory this is not wrong, because the data do not lie, Durant and Treasury data have declined, this is a fact, but how to understand the data is a subject. The thunder period, Durant and Wei less are the two core framework of the team, is like a song and dance duet, and now came to the warriors, this is a main Team Attacking Qiang, Durant and curry are for the collective services of the individual, and the helper of many, the decline in the sense of data.
wholesale jerseys However, now to compare two combinations of data, then, the 2015-16 season, Durant and Wei less in the regular season in the league in conjunction with 51.8 points, is only inferior to water brothers (52.2 points), this season, Durant and Cooley partner, although the two score than last season but they have declined. The attack is more balanced, Durant averaged 25.7 points, Curitiba averaged 25.3 points, two of the total score is 51 points, is still the combination of alliance strongest attack.
At the same time, Durant is shooting (53.7%) and the real hit rate (65%) reached the occupation career highs, while his DBPM (positive and negative defense value) reached 2.8, the same as the occupation career high, came to the warriors, apparently more efficient than thunder.
In addition, Wang Zha combined regular season together on the pitch when per round scoring 12.8 points this season, CD together, two people per group per hundred round round by scoring 20.1 points. In the two people under the leadership of today’s warriors is not only the first team to attack the league, but also the defensive efficiency of the first team.
Golden State Warriors Jerseys As a result, it can be concluded that Durant came to the warriors and Cooley partner, although at the expense of the score data, but the two partner even better, Wang fried can win the data and performance, but CD won the effect.