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March 4, 2006 to 9, April 1st to 8, Kobe two four consecutive scores reached 40+, the entire season Kobe scored for the 6 time to reach 50+, a total of 27 single game scoring 40 points, scored 20 points lower than the number only 3 games.
In the summer of 2016, Wei less to retain Kevin – Durant failed, former good partner went to the enemy warriors, Wei less feel the burden on the shoulder as heavy as the mountains. Where there is blood, there is a heart, not to mention less than itself is a view of competition as a fun player. In the past Durant rattling thunder, now Durant leave, Wei less need to be able to plan the commander of the armed forces and LTHS dash about in a battlefield, open and close to the world leaders, he will score a winning organization.
Wei less before, people will be Oscar – Robertson 1961-62 season averaging three double sign as an insurmountable, but less in the 2016-17 season, to make people aware of, copy the averaged three double sign is not impossible. This season, Wei less field were 31.6 points, 10.7 rebounds, 10.4 assists, becoming the team in the history of the two games were averaging three pairs of players. In addition, Wei Shaodan season 42 times and scored three double breaking NBA record, he is also beyond Robertson.
If the score, although less Wei won the scoring, but the scoring output ratio 2005-06 season, Kobe is still slightly inferior, but his magic lies in the attack, and grab a shoulder. This season, Wei rare four game 50+, which is three 50+ three double history first, a total of 18 single game he scored 40 points, only nine games scored below 20 points. In addition, rarely 54 rebounds double Wei, 50 assists on the double, he played such as 57+13+11, 51+13+10, 50+16+10 such a terrible data.
The American company Synergy Sports will attack the way the data is divided into several categories, including positive singles, and roll back singles for the ball attack, like other shooting, the screen attack are no ball attack. 2005-06 season, Kobe only rely on singles scored 924 points in the League first, is worthy of the singles king, he has more than 30% of the score from singles. In addition, Kobe roll offense scored 380 points, hit back with 193 points. In other words, Kobe has 54% of the score from the ball.
This season, Bryant is slightly different and less play, as a guard, because both the organization responsibility, Wei less need more execution and roll his attack more than 35% from the pick and roll, the roll scored 862 points, accounting for the total score of the 34% season. At the same time, Wei is also very much like to go alone, he scored 483 points in the League after the League after James – harden – second. Coupled with Wei Wei as the body to occupy a significant advantage, his back singles increasingly sharp, this season, 193 points from the back play, with the peak Kobe flat. Count down, Wei rarely score of 60% from ball attack, than when Kobe also crazy.
There is a phenomenon especially reflects two people worship of individual heroism, that is the crucial moment that domineering but myself, two people dare to hand in the critical moment, dare to bear the failure of guilt, not afraid of responsibility. In the 2005-06 season, Kobe scored only 11 goals from his teammates, assists, the attack rate was only 22.9%, more than a few key players in the year Mr. Pearce, James are low. Wei Wei less this season, alone, he hit the 82 key ball, which actually only 5 assists from his teammates, the recipient attack rate was only about 6.2%, so low in the history of the recipient’s attack rate.
That year, Kobe has made numerous key ball Savior, this season also a lot less Wei, such as the reversal of the Mavericks hit winner CIC, such as with dig gold a war hit the ultra long distance buzzer three shots, the cheers, like the king of Wei little harbourside.