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Cheap Jerseysadidas Russell Westbrook Oklahoma City Thunder Women's Fashion Jersey - Royal Blue I think he is a small city children, I love small city atmosphere, but there had been like a deserted city, downtown is canbai bear, I don’t even remember a tall building. Now, take a look at the new buildings in the city, and remind me of the way.” — Durant
In the summer of 2008, Durant and his teammates in a university training arena in oklahoma. It wasn’t a basketball court, but an indoor skating rink. Because there is a nearby dog food processing plant, resulting in a strange smell filled the museum. 20 year old Durant, is in such a venue training every day for three hours.
No way, when the team moved to Oklahoma, there is no fixed training hall, players can only play around guerrilla warfare, the planned training center has not yet started construction. “We had nothing at all, really nothing,” said Presti, general manager of the thunder.
Oklahoma businessman Bennet Klein in 2006 $350 million from Starbucks chairman Schultz bought the supersonic, he began to plan the team moved to his hometown. The idea of Bennet at first looks fantastic, because of the supersonic home court is located in Seattle is the largest city of the United States Pacific Northwest, where Boeing, Microsoft, Amazon and Starbucks corporate headquarters, the economic prosperity of the larger population, and Oklahoma City is small compared with the economic aspects of Seattle.
wholesale jerseys However, Bennet’s move was supported by the alliance. The NBA President Stern personally led to Oklahoma investigation, he was the city’s enthusiasm for basketball deeply attracted. “It was a wonderful trip, and we were all moved by the people of the city,” Stern said. “When you come here, you will find that this is the market we want to get.”
The moving reason Bennet is with the Seattle municipal building on the new arena of negotiations always ended in failure, when the team moved to Oklahoma after the news, Seattle local enterprises to retain the team together, Bill Gates arranged Ballmer and Stanton king of the Microsoft CEO wireless jointly invested $150 million for the renovation of the supersonic KeyArena home court but, this NBA seems to have no practical significance. “I think Seattle city ball is too bad,” Stern said, “they study for so long, but still not a new can meet the requirements of the NBA agreement hall.”
Although Seattle is a developed city, but here there are many occupation sports teams, the Seattle Seahawks football, Seattle Thunderbirds hockey, baseball, Seattle seaman, basketball market co.. Bennet bought a supersonic, two years after a loss of $52 million. Oklahoma was not a professional team, NBA team is full of desire. New Orleans Hornets had suffered hurricane hit at home, played two seasons in Oklahoma, the city is quite popular. When the Hornets relocated back to New Orleans, Oklahoma City fans salei farewell, it makes Stern very touched. “It’s not going to be NBA’s last performance in Oklahoma, and NBA will take root in the city,” Stern said.
Oklahoma City Thunder Jerseys Driven by NBA, Bennet finally succeeded in bringing the team to Oklahoma and changed the team to thunder. The move is a new beginning for Oklahoma city. At that time, the thunder is a year before only won 20 games the underdog, no one knows how they in Oklahoma City of what the future will have confidence, but the thunder, because they have the 2007-08 season rookie Durant.
Oklahoma Durant witnessed the whole process from potential star superstar Durant, Oklahoma City in 8 years, the 7 time all star, to become the 4 leading scorer, a regular season MVP. Led by Durant, the thunder moved to Oklahoma second years to return to the playoffs, broke into the Western Conference finals in third years, into the finals in fourth years.