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Youth Atlanta Falcons Julio Jones Nike Red Team Color Game Gear up with Atlanta Falcons jerseys available right here at the official online shop of the NFL. We have the largest selection of Falcons jerseys of all your favorite players in men’s, women’s, and kids’ sizes.Although James doesn’t care much about the important games in the regular season, he has said before that they need a win. After playing the first section of the poor, James in the second quarter of a single force under the shock of the 15 points, led the Cavaliers in this section to cut the score of 38, a single section won the Celtics on the score of 16. The third quarter, James scored 9 points, led the Cavaliers in this section was the first time to achieve a leading point of 29, so that the eastern powerful dialogue early lost suspense. And in the fourth quarter of the game, there are fans in the scene to sing a song of praise for James MVP. Yesterday in the magic Knights harvest three wins, for today the focus of World War II, Erwin is impatient, Le Fu believes that they need this game, and James said: “I have 6 consecutive finals, ask the regular season topic, or go ask someone else. As I said, I don’t care much about the important games in the regular season. The Celtics beat Nicks on a two game winning streak, they also live through this game today. “This is another game, I think we have to do it this way.” Thomas said, the Cavaliers are defending champion, the world knows that to rush out of the East must be a knight, this should be a good game, everyone will be ready. Thompson’s injury, is undoubtedly a major blow to the knight, the Celtics back defensive players Bradley. But the line-up on the negative and positive, and not reflected in the game, after the opening two offensive efficiency is not high, but the Cavs in rebounds. Do very well, which makes them always occupy the initiative. In the first section of the remaining 4 minutes and 03 seconds, James hit layup, Knight scored 17-11 lead. But the knight once again exposed the old problem in James after the end, they attack once again failed to score in the last 2 minutes, the Celtics in the small Thomas led 7-0 to complete a wave of attacks, taking a 20-19 lead in the first quarter at the end. Thomas took 12 points in this section. The first section of the Cavaliers hit rate of only 25.9%, but they are more than the Celtics grabbed 5 offensive rebounds, which is the main difference between the two teams is not the main reason. The second section under the leadership of James, Knight show a completely different look in this section with 6 minutes and 39 seconds, James forced to attack the basket succeeded, they completed a 22-4 run, opened the score to 41-24, in which James scored 12 points in the wave of attack. After the Celtics played back in this section with 2 minutes 13 seconds, Horford hit three outside, they will chase the score 36-45. But when James again after the force, the Celtics did not have the power to resist, the Cavaliers scored a second half after the lead 57-42. This section James 9 throws in 7, the free throw penalty of 1 to get the 15 points in 1. At the end of the season, at least 15 points ahead of the game, the Cavaliers record is a record of 17 wins and 0 losses, it seems they are very hopeful to continue this record. In the third quarter to 4 minutes and 28 seconds, James hit an outside line of three points, the Cavaliers completed a wave of 9-1 offensive, the score was opened to 79-54. After the game has an interesting scene, Erwin steals a counterattack, he will pass the ball to Carrefour, did not expect the Cavs coach Lu suddenly called suspended direct hands Le Fu shoot the three chance to hold the head, but with a smile on her face. After the suspension of offensive Knight continues, in this section with 1 minutes and 30 seconds, who hit three points, they have made the 89-60 lead. After the three quarter, the Cavaliers won the lead 90-66, small Thomas after shaking his head. Although the difference between the two teams so big, but the fourth quarter James still play, left in the game for 5 minutes, the success of the game hit the score of three points, the Cavaliers 105-79 is still ahead of more than 26 points in the. Thomas also finished three points, but in his free throw, the Celtics will be replaced by other players. Soon after the Cavaliers will also be replaced by the main players, officially declared the game completely into the garbage time, and ultimately the Cavaliers to 114-91 to beat the Celtics this season, the Celtics scored 3 wins and 1 negative record. Since entering the north shore of the TD arena, James suffered a lot of boos, but he still did not forget to interact with the fans. In the second quarter of game to 6 minutes and 54 seconds, James gave a smart volleyball cap body out of court, perhaps because the knight very well in the second quarter, so James is very excited and happy, he also hit with the fans behind the basket interaction. Among the fans, some were wearing a knight’s T-shirt and Celtic fans, but they were shocked by James’s performance.

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Men's Atlanta Falcons Pro Line by Fanatics Branded Heather Gray 2016 NFC Conference Champions Trophy Collection Locker Room Pullover HoodieCheap Jerseys ear up with New England Patriots jerseys available right here at the official online shop of the NFL. We have the largest selection of Patriots jerseys of all your favorite players in men’s, women’s, and kids’ sizes. Last week the divisional playoff lore in an open war cowboy, packers and quarterback Aaron Rodgers are fans of the most talked about topic in this week. Although during the regular season defense injuries suffered, although once the record is only 4 wins and 6 playoff in jeopardy, although the number one wide receiver Jody Nelson missed almost the entire wild card game and game, all these factors could not prevent Rodgers with single handedly will eventually stage into the National League team. This time however, he faces the situation than before all the more dangerous — it is now not only the Nielsen injury is not timely, the other two receivers de – Adams and Geronimo – Aventis Alison in the division series has also been the impact of injuries. Now, the three people can play the odds are not great, if there are two people can not debut, the team’s offense is probably necessary to pass the attack discount. Two is because the opponent is the offensive firepower is more powerful than last week’s Dallas cowboys, Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ruian led.
wholesale jerseys This season, the Falcon and the packers are similar and defensive group injured, play good and bad. But the difference is that the packers Rodgers in the beginning of the season, poor performance, so there will be a playoff situation was precarious situation. The Falcon in Ruian this season, from first to last play has been very good, not only is the Falcon attack score first in the league, and from second a full 70 points. Ruian own 117.1 pass score, not to mention this season, in history can be ranked in the top fifth. In addition, punch the ball attack Falcon can be said that contrary to the packers. The packers running back in the position of injury heavy, now the main position is from the original receiver Thailand – Montgomerie guest. The Falcon has de Feng tower – Freeman and Coleman – two pick tweng run with good 2-guard, let the team is very solid. The Falcon is by virtue of this does not rely on any single scorer’s attacking style, let the opponent impossible to guard against success this season, can.
As the saying goes “the defender won the championship, which is not only applicable to NBA, NFL also is since the ancient times. But this year, the packers and Falcon the two obvious attack strong keep weak team (the packers lost scores in the League regular season twenty-first, Falcon is twenty-seventh), one of them will certainly appear in the Super Bowl game. Last week, the wild card game, two teams scored 34 points and 36 points. The regular season both sides also had a fight, the regular season is one of the most exciting season is: in this area, the Atlanta dome (National League final will be the final NFL game of the stadium), the two sides appeared a total of 6 lead changes in the final, Rodgers led the team to complete the touchdown and get 6 points ahead, but Ruian left 4 minutes, eventually prove it is still too long. Ruian in the next attack, 11 stalls serving all pass, 8 hits, completed a touchdown in the final 31 seconds, the score will be fixed in 33-32.
Atlanta Falcons jerseys So as you can imagine, this will be a wonderful exchange that war. Let us look at the last two months of the hottest state quarterback, Rodgers and Ruian, who can have the last laugh.

Atlanta Falcons Devonta Freeman Nike Red 2017 Super Bowl LI Bound Game Jersey

Atlanta Falcons JerseysMen's Atlanta Falcons Devonta Freeman Nike Red Super Bowl LI Bound Game Jersey The 2016-17 season National League finals in Atlanta City, the Georgia Dome (Georgia Dome) started: 11 regular season wins and 5 National League No. two seed Atlanta falcons in the home court, against the regular season record of 10 wins and 6 National League No. four seed Green Bay packers. This game will be the Atlanta falcons in the stadium in the last game. The two teams have played this season, the regular season for eighth weeks, then a 33:22 win over the falcons home court packers. For the Falcon, they last into the League of nations finals or the 2012 season of things, and they last into the Super Bowl in the 1998 season. The Green Bay Packers won the Super Bowl in the 2010 season.
The start of the game, the Atlanta home court battle first offense, quarterback Matt Ryan (Matt Ryan) and running back Coleman tweng (Tevin Coleman) through a series of short and rushed the ball attack, quickly entered the packers half. In the Green Bay 36 yard line, fullback Patrick Dimareo (Patrick DiMarco) with short, ran 31 yards. Finally, Matt Ryan short wide receiver Mohammed Thanou (Mohamed Sanu) a 2 yard touchdown, Falcon quickly established a 7:0 lead.
Cheap Jerseys The packers here, Aaron – Rodgers (Aaron Rodgers) continuous long pass found wide receiver Jordy Nelson (Jordy Nelson), respectively, 27 and 15 yards in advance. Came to the forefront of red falcon, kicker Mason Crosby (Mason Crosby) 41 yard free kick in! The score is still 7:0. Falcon attack, wide receiver Mohammed Thanou the ball 16 yards, his easy-going and tight end Austen – Hooper (Austin Hooper) and the ball 15 yards. Enter the red zone, the Falcon could not transfer gear, veteran kicker Matt Bryant (Matt Bryant) hit a 28 yard free kick, Falcon 10:0 packaging industry.
The game in the second quarter, Aaron Rodgers was found outside the Randall over consecutive passes (Randall Cobb), Cobb scored 17 and 22 yards. The packaging industry once again came to the forefront of the Falcon red zone, fullback Aaron Rip koves Ki (Aaron Ripkowski) at the critical moment, the ball, cornerback Jaron Collins (Jalen Collins) the ball will be pulled out from the arms of Rip koves Ki, and in the end zone picked up off the ball, the packers again failed. The game is completely into the rhythm of the falcon. Star wide receiver Julio Jones (Julio Jones) two consecutive complete a long ball, scored 17 and 20 yards respectively. Enter the packers half, Julio Jones received the short run down 19 yards, then Matt Ryan his 14 yards rushing touchdown. The Falcon 17:0 lead.
The packers three out of the Falcon in a first attack by tweng Coleman soon after the punt. The packers offense, with three to 21 yards, Rodgers passes Nelson to throw the helve after the hatchet. The ball was Ricardo – (Ricardo Allen) copy cut. Rodgers steals it basically the equivalent of a 55 yard punt, Falcon began to attack the half 32 yard line. The first half left 1 minutes 50 seconds, wide receiver Taylor Gabriel Falcon (Taylor Gabriel) the ball 16 yards, ran Wei De Feng tower – Freeman (Devonta Freeman) has the ball 19 yards. With 7 seconds left, Julio – Jones in the end zone is completed within 5 yards of the ball, a touchdown. The Falcon with a 24:0 lead into the second half.
wholesale jerseys The second half, the packers have three out. Falcon attack in our side, Julio Jones took it, out of two defensive players, 73 yards touchdown! The lead Falcon has been expanded to 31:0. Although It is all up with packers but they refused to zero closure, Rodgers short to Falcon half, tight end Jared Cook (Jared Cook) the ball 26 yards, and eventually took over Davant Adams (Davante Adams) a 2 yard touchdown. Packers 7:31 falcon.
Julio – Jones Falcon side, between two defenders completed 23 yard ball, ran Wei De Feng tower – Freeman rushed the ball 14 yards. Enter the red zone, near end Le Wen Toy Lolo (Levine Toilolo) cause defenders foul in the region, helping the team to the 1 yard line. Wei Feng finally run de tower – Freeman 4 yard touchdown catch, due to additional points for Bryant’s shot, Falcon 37:7 packaging industry. Green Bay attack, Aaron – Rodgers out of the pocket, get rid of a defender, the ball 28 yards. Enter the Falcon half, Rodgers also rushed the ball 18 yards. Finally Jordi Nelson ball 3 yards touchdown, fullback Aaron Rzepkowski – in 2 yards rushing successfully completed the two-point conversion, the Green Bay 15:37 falcon.
The packers selected points after playing gambling, but without success, and get the ball in the packaging industry first half falcon. In the fourth game, Julio – Jones ball 13 yards to get the first attack, eventually running back Coleman left the ball 3 yards tweng touchdown. The Falcon 44:15 packaging industry. Packers Aaron – Rodgers first pass to find all the guards – Rip koves Ki, 20 yards to advance the code for the first time, the first time, the first time to find the full range of the first round of the game. Four file 18 yards, Alan Rodgers Randall Cobb, with 34 and four file conversion code. Enter the red zone, face three to 18 yards, Geoff – Janis (Jeff Janis) caused by the other defensive players foul, helping the team to the 1 yard line. In the end Jared – Cook ball 1 yards touchdown, running back Christine Michael (Christine Michael) two conversion failed packers 21:44 falcon.
The game has been basically into the garbage time, the packers onside kick failed, Falcon punches the ball through a series of time consumption, finally punt the ball. The packers no more, the game is over. Atlanta Falcon home court 44:21 victory over the Green Bay Packers, since the 1998 season for the first time into the Super Bowl

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San Diego Chargers JerseysMen's San Diego Chargers Joey Bosa Nike Navy Limited Jersey  According to the sports news October 28th American gossip website TMZ news, the “singles” king of Nick young again dangdie, in the opener win after the Rockets, Nick Young have hurried to the hospital in Losangeles, waiting for the arrival of second children.
The king again dangdie singles exposure has been rushed to the hospital in Los Angeles sleepless
Nick Young will have second children.
cheap jerseys The Lakers beat the Rockets opener, his second children to be born, for Nick Young, this is happiness, Nick the child is his ex girlfriend and Yang ghione – Green’s second children, two people had a 4 year old son.
Wholesale jerseys Interestingly, Young’s second children is in love with his ex girlfriend Iggy during pregnant, and this is considered to be the real reason two eventually broke up, the incident is Nick Young in Green after four months of pregnancy to the news to Iggy, according to the news that people Shi Yang told Iggy disclosure: “he was drunk, so the judgment, although he has promised not to be repeated, but it was too late, because he has another son.”
Denver Broncos Jersey  The good news is that Nick Young will not miss the birth of the child, but the bad news is that the little guy is not born, Nick – Yang has been in the hospital for a night. According to informed sources, Yang Feichang excited, he can not wait to wait for the birth of the second children.
Here, also want to send to the king of the blessing, after the child is born, as the two children of his father’s Nick – young and will be the energy into the game.

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 Men's Atlanta Falcons Vic Beasley Nike Red Game JerseyAtlanta Falcons Jersey defensive line coach Bryan Cox, known for his profanity-laced tirades, discovered such was the wrong approach to take toward pass-rusher Vic Beasley Jr.”No, it doesn’t work, because he tunes you out,” Cox said of Beasley. “Vic is as different a player as I’ve ever been around in terms of he’s a man of God. He pulls on that often. And when you get to a place where you are in his ear, he just tunes out the chatter. He doesn’t listen to it.”So, the best way is to have a conversation and get him to get on the same page: ‘Tell me what just happened and tell me what you saw. Here’s what I saw. How would you do it different?’ He’s different in that way. And that’s not good or bad. That’s who he is.”Cox said he learned more about Beasley’s demeanor following a defensive line trip to Miami at the end of last season.”I got to know a lot more of the guys on an intimate and a personal level, knowing their personalities away from the building,” Cox said. “We weren’t here, and we weren’t dealing with the stress of the season. We spent four or five days just chilling. I got a chance to know him in ways I hadn’t previously discovered.”Cox has gotten into sideline scuffles with at least two players — Ra’Shede Hageman and former defensive tackle Corey Peters. Plus cursing out a player, again, is just part of his regular routine. But Cox was cautious to change his tone with Beasley.”Because if I keep trying to do the same thing and the same approach and it’s not working, that makes me a dumb coach,” Cox said. “So I’ve got to try and do something different. And my wife likes to say, ‘If you do the same thing over and over and expect a different result, that’s insane.’ And I believe her.”Beasley agreed with Cox’s assessment of him, to a degree.”The coaches understand the players that they coach, and over the year, me and Cox have really been able to grow and develop a relationship,” Beasley said. “He knows me, and that is a way that I do respond to coaches.”Really, I have had both worlds. I had Coach (Marion) Hobby at Clemson, and he was on me hard. Every coach I’ve had has been a tough coach. I know they’re just trying to Cheap Jerseys get the best out of me.”Beasley admitted he shies away from the cursing aspect because of his religious beliefs.”I try not to curse, and I try to speak positive things out of my mouth,” he said. “That’s just me, and that’s the way I grew up.”The bottom line is the Falcons have to find a way to motivate Beasley to play at a higher level. He led the team with four sacks as a rookie last season, but the former eighth-overall pick was far from a force while playing through a torn labrum in his right shoulder.This preseason, Beasley has struggled to make an impact while transitioning to strongside linebacker and dealing with a sprained AC joint in the same shoulder. His frustration was evident following last week’s 17-6 preseason loss to Miami.So what’s the solution to getting Beasley going?”I don’t think that he’s not going,” Cox said. “It’s not about one man. It’s about our unit. When you look at the tape from last year, he had several opportunities off the edge where the quarterback was able to step up and he didn’t get the pressure or the sack, and a lot of people made a lot of it. But I don’t buy into it. I believe in Vic as much as I believe in my son.”


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Men's San Francisco 49ers Deion Sanders Mitchell & Ness Scarlet 1994 Authentic Throwback JerseyCheap Jerseys This is a poll asking who was the better cornerback in their prime, Darrelle Revis or Deion Sanders? These two men were considered to be the top cornerbacks of their eras for several seasons. Which of these cornerbacks would you want on your team in their prime.
When debating who was better between Darrelle Revis and Deion Sanders its hard to just look at interceptions. Teams often didn’t throw at either one of these guys out of fear. That being said both men did get their share of interceptions.
Darrelle Revis at the time of this writing has 28 interceptions for 415 yards and 3 touchdowns. Revis has added 358 solo tackles and 75 assisted tackles.
Deion Sanders had 53 interceptions for 1,331 yards and 9 touchdowns. Sanders had 493 solo tackles and 20 assisted tackles. Sanders was also one of the best return men in NFL history and even had 784 receiving yards in his NFL career. Most impressive about Deion Sanders is that he retired for 3 years got bored, came back and intercepted 5 passes over two more years. Deion was better than Revis in my said alot Deion Sanders jersey about deon to twist this to make it look better for primetime but what you didnt mention is deon Sanders has given up more catches n yards recievers were constantly putting up 100 yards or more on deon i can’t count 2 times that happen to revis…revis at his worst gives up only 500 yards a season prime time gives up 500 yards in 4 games so revis is SUPERIOR TO PRIME, No youngster on the football field today doing the ‘Revis’ after they score on an interception. IJS. o_O Deion is the without a doubt the greatest at his position in his prime and even in his twilight years. Charles Woodson may be better over a longer period and more durable, but Revis, should not be in this conversation. He will go quietly into the night.  49ers backup quarterback Colin Kaepernick began sitting then kneeling during the national anthem he says to call attention to police brutality. However Kaepernick was wearing a Fidel Castro shirt and Castro could give the KKK lessons in how to violate civil rights. Kaepernick’s Twitte is full of left wing propaganda and his protest seems more of socialist political move to me.

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Devonta Freeman or Tevin Coleman? Falcons to go with hot hand at RB

Mens Atlanta Falcons Devonta Freeman Nike Game Jersey Cheap Jerseys Devonta Freeman Offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan, of course, wouldn’t reveal the exact game plan for Tampa Bay as far as distribution of touches. Shanahan did, however, leave open the possibility of more than just a cameo appearance for Coleman as Freeman’s backup.

“Go with the guy who’s hot; keep them both fresh,” Shanahan said. “I don’t worry about that stuff too much. I love both those backs. There’s really no difference to me which one is in the game, so it’s a good problem to have. Whoever’s rolling with it, you stick with him. When they need a break, the other guy comes in. You try to keep them both fresh to see how it pans out at the end of the game.”

Coleman actually started last year’s season opener against Philadelphia after both running backs suffered preseason hamstring injuries, leading to a tad bit longer recovery for Freeman. In that 26-24 win against the Eagles, Coleman had 80 yards on 20 carries. He then lost the starting job to Freeman after a Week 2 rib injury against the New York Giants. Coleman only had double-digit carries in two games the rest of the season, and those were the games Freeman was sidelined with a concussion.

Freeman, meanwhile, had 20-plus carries in seven games last season, including a career-high 30 attempts against Dallas. Freeman had 141 rushing yards and three rushing touchdowns against the Cowboys. From a fantasy football perspective, Freeman led all running backs with 230 fantasy points based on ESPN’s standard scoring system.

Devonta Freeman Jersey It wouldn’t make much sense to take the ball out of Freeman’s hands too much, considering the passion he runs with along with his unique ability to fluidly catch passes and run routes out of the backfield.

“He’s a dog ass competitor,” Falcons coach Dan Quinn said of Freeman, “and I think that’s what sets him apart. He challenges himself. He’ll come in and say, ‘What else did you see? What else can I do?’ I love that part of him.”

Though Freeman runs with great vision and power, Coleman brings the breakaway-speed element. Coleman just has to utilize his speed without fumbling, as fumbling was an issue last season. Injuries also have been a concern for him.


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Mens Atlanta Falcons Matt Ryan Nike White Game JerseyCheap Jerseys As a rookie, Winston spent his share of time dissecting Ryan’s tendencies since Ryan played under Bucs head coach Dirk Koetter when Koetter was the Falcons’ offensive coordinator.
“For a good three months, all I was watching was Matt Ryan,” Winston said Wednesday. “I definitely know the caliber of quarterback that Matt Ryan is. And he’s a great guy. I definitely took some of his little techniques that he used in Dirk’s offense and definitely applied it to mine.”
Asked what specifically he took from Ryan, Winston said, “Just class concept stuff, man. It’s just not really stuff I can explain to you.”
Ryan passed for 4,500-plus yards in all three seasons under Koetter, including franchise records with 4,719 yards and 32 touchdowns during the 2012 season. Last season, when Koetter was the Buccaneers’ offensive coordinator, Winston passed for 4,042 yards and 22 touchdowns as a rookie.
Matt Ryan  Jersey Koetter, who referred to Winston as a “football junkie,” revealed what elements of Ryan’s game he encouraged Winston to emulate.
“When we first were putting this offense in a year ago, Matt had been in this system longer than me,” Koetter explained. “Matt had been in this system previous to me under Mike Mularkey, so his footwork and his drops were the main thing; just his mechanics and then his movement in the pocket.
“And how Matt times his footwork to the depth of these routes, I think that’s one of the hardest things for a young quarterback coming out of college to learn. In the spread — and Jameis wasn’t a spread quarterback — but a lot of these spread guys, the footwork’s so different. And even though Jameis came from a pro system at Florida State, we just probably have more variations of drop-back footwork than he was used to. We had three full seasons of cut-ups of the time that I was in Atlanta, and a pretty darn good quarterback (in Ryan) showing him how to do it.”

Atlanta Falcons Julio Jones Jersey

Mens Atlanta Falcons Julio Jones Nike Red Game JerseyAtlanta Falcons Jersey wide receiver Julio Jones (11) makes a catch against Washington Redskins cornerback Bashaud Breeland during a preseason NFL football game in Atlanta. Coach Dan Quinn expects All-Pro receiver Jones to be full strength when the Falcons install their game plan for Sunday’s opener against Tampa Bay. Jones sprained his ankle in the third preseason game at Miami,The Falcons had wide receiver Julio Jones back with full clearance for Thursday’s practice, confirming the team’s biggest star will be ready for Sunday’s opening game against Tampa Bay.Jones’ status for the opener was never really in doubt, even when he was held out of last week’s final preseason game with an ankle injury and was limited in Wednesday’s practice.Even so, having the All-Pro practice without restrictions was comforting for coach Dan Quinn and the Falcons.“He looked like Julio, which is a good thing for the Falcons,” Quinn said.Julio Jones Jersey
Added offensive coordinator Mike Shanahan after the practice: “Julio always looks good.”
Jones is coming off one of the most prolific seasons in NFL history. Jones led the league with 1,871 yards receiving, the second-highest total in NFL history. Jones and Pittsburgh’s Antonio Brown shared the NFL lead with 136 catches.
Asked if he is ready for the opener, Jones said, “Of course. Everything is great.”
Jones’ role as a leader on the offense grew following the team’s release of Roddy White, who holds most of Atlanta’s career receiving records.
Cheap Jerseys The Falcons signed Mohamed Sanu from Cincinnati to be the No. 2 receiver. Jones said he expects extra attention from defenses while Sanu, Justin Hardy, Eric Weems and Aldrick Robinson adjust to their roles in the offense.
“I feel like they’re going to try to double me and take me away from the game and make other guys prove themselves,” Jones said. “But I have all the faith in the world that those guys will prove themselves. … The way we’ve been practicing has been awesome.”

Atlanta Falcons Julio Jones Nike Red Game Jersey

Mens Atlanta Falcons Julio Jones Nike Red Game Jersey
Atlanta Falcons Jersey

With everyone running in different directions, some local businessmen worked out a deal and were awarded an AFL franchise on June 7, 1965, contingent upon acquiring exclusive stadium rights from city officials. NFL Commissioner Pete Rozelle, who had been moving slowly in Atlanta matters, was spurred by the AFL interest and headed on the next plane down to Atlanta to block the rival league’s claim on the city of Atlanta. He forced the city to make a choice between the two leagues. By June 30, the city picked Rankin Smith and the NFL.The Atlanta Falcons are a professional American football team based in Atlanta, Georgia. The Falcons compete in the National Football League (NFL) as a member club of the league’s National Football Conference (NFC) South division. The Falcons joined the NFL in cheap jerseys as an expansion team, after the NFL offered then-owner Rankin Smith a franchise to keep him from joining the rival American Football League (AFL). The AFL instead granted a franchise to Miami (the Miami Dolphins). The Falcons are tied with the Dolphins (who also began play in 1966) for being the oldest NFL franchise in the Deep South, and are the oldest NFC team in that region.In their 49 years of existence, the Falcons have compiled a record of 316–414–6, winning division championships in 1980, 1998, 2004, 2010, and 2012. Their only Super Bowl appearance was during the 1998 season in Super Bowl XXXIII.The Falcons play their home games at the Georgia Dome in downtown Atlanta. Construction began on Mercedes-Benz Stadium in May 2014, with play projected to begin there during the 2017 season. Their headquarters and practice facilities are located at a 50-acre site in Flowery Branch, Georgia.In the second game of the Falcons 1999 season, running back Jamal Anderson, who had been a key player in the Falcons’ 1998 success, suffered a season-ending knee injury. The Falcons finished the season with a very disappointing 5–11 regular season record.[3] In 2000, the Falcons suffered through another horrendous season finishing 4–12 and once again missing the playoffs.