Metropolitan Division Reebok White 2017 NHL All-Star Game Premier Custom Jersey

Men's Central Division Reebok Purple 2017 NHL All-Star Game Premier Custom JerseyMetropolitan Division Jerseys Have home court advantage King launched a fierce offensive against sharks, sharks rarely get the opportunity to attack, but when the game was about 16 minutes and 29 seconds, shark defender Burns laid an ambush in the vicinity of the blue line, so that the king was at Lengjian, goalkeeper defenseless, hit the king of No. 11 beita’er club on line network, Burns has scored nineteenth goals this season, leading the king shark 1-0. But good times don’t last long after only two minutes, after the king equalised 14 minutes and 14 seconds, the blue line near Faure Mott hit a shot like the ball, alert in front of Pearson Dianshe, scored a goal, he is also the season with fourteenth goals. 1-1. After the two sides launched the attack war, Burns once again in the blue line near the volley, but unfortunately this is not able to penetrate. The two sides have 5 hit 4 chance, but could not speak the ball into, after the king launched crazy offensive, but in front of the ball, Haley will attack the ball to Weigall J the ball into the far corner, he scored fifth goals a season, 2-1, once again leading the sharks. Then both sides did not score, the end of the first game.
Cheap Jerseys After the start of the second quarter, the two sides gradually get the smell of gunpowder, the king striker Carter ferocious offensive, but the shark defense is very strong, not able to score, but Carter then shot hit high, into the dark room, the shark won 5 chance hit 4, just over 10 seconds, Lyski completed the scoring Thornton, pass, pars radical ball in front of the small angle hit the door, shark, leading 3-1. Subsequently, the shark in front of the 1 to get the opportunity to face the goalkeeper, but unfortunately failed to hit the ball into the 1. Shark Carlson was hit by his opponent’s face, bleeding instantly. The king then get an opportunity in front of the door, the formation of chaos, gabrik anti rod pick the ball into the wholesale jerseys goalkeeper, the score will be adapted to 2-3. The end of the second quarter. The two sides, the outbreak of the conflict, fortunately, the referee was not singled out promptly opened. In the second quarter of the game both sides failed to get the opportunity to score.