Philadelphia Flyers Shayne Gostisbehere Reebok Black 2017 Stadium Series Player Premier Jersey

Men's Philadelphia Flyers Shayne Gostisbehere Reebok Black 2017 Stadium Series Player Premier JerseyCheap Jerseys The oilers made a run of four consecutive wins recently, but they are struggling in the face of the League home court, defeated by including the Florida jaguars, Arizona coyotes and New Jersey devils, this game is not only the first away team after six consecutive home court, and a back to back second games, so the oil can extremely dangerous.
In the frontcourt, the oilers squad Mike Dafydd although in the past 8 games only 1 goals, but the goal to help the team to beat Florida 4:3 in overtime puma, and he contributed 10 assists during the occupation career, has just completed the 100th minutes of his more general demeanor, in his next, Patrick Marun also play off, the last 8 games and scored 7 goals, has high refresh personal occupation career goals. Another partner Dreiser do also has 3 goals and 4 assists, a group of line three of them gradually stable collocation.
wholesale jerseys Backcourt, although Andrew Ferns and Darnell Neils are injured, but several other well, Andre Sekela and Oscar Clive Bohm task team of the bear series, they have a score in every two games, great support to the team.
The goalkeeper position, the team this season is very dependent on Can Talbot, but this game is the team in 2017 second back-to-back, the last time they sent a substitute goalkeeper Jonas Gustavson played, he shot 13 times in the face of the opponent to swallow the 4 goal, the match they actually sent who will determine the trend of the game.
In flames, although they are still in the wild card in the region, but the situation is in jeopardy, behind the marauders and kings and look at fiercely as a tiger does after the game, they will open the eastern tour, so the game they must not be lost.
Before the game, their first card of Jonny Goodlo’s group to the cold state. But the three group of Mikael Backlund – Michael – Lorik – Matthew – Chuck Buddha tecka still brave, the last 8 games they scored 8 goals, and many times they have to face the opponent’s most powerful attack, the game they are likely to be assigned to block ike fydd, their matchup is worth a visit.
nhl jerseys The defensive line, Dougie Hamilton grew into a new team core, although the GIO and Brody still can play Darrow, but Hamilton in the last 8 games, 1 goals and 6 assists, very stable.
With respect to the defenders, the goalkeeper’s position remains unchanged. Brian Elliot took place a few weeks later, his play fell again, Chad Johnson once again bear the main goalkeeper role, the last 8 games in 6 starts, but he is also unable to bring victory for the team. If the goalkeeper position still maintain this state, believe that the flame will soon fall out of the wild card team area.