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Cheap St. Louis Blues Vladimir Jerseys CMen's St. Louis Blues Vladimir Tarasenko Reebok 2017 Winter Classic Premier Jerseyoaching after the Boston Bruins have won three consecutive games, after six days of rest, they will open the road trip, the first station, they will face the San Jose Sharks in the Pacific Division is currently ranked first in the bottom of this wave of four consecutive away games will test the team. The sharks will usher in the second games back to back, the day before they had 4:1 scores beat the Arizona coyotes, they targeted the game winning streak, the Tencent sports will be in Beijing at 9:30 on the morning of February 20th for your live video of the game, please pay attention.
The first game after the Bruins coaching is the face of the San Jose Sharks, when they are in the home court to a big score 6:3 defeat opponents. Since the main players for the team Huanshuai the full vigor, young David Pasternack in the past 4 games and scored 5 goals and 2 assists, a group of center Patrice Burgin is also a continuation of the good performance of the last 4 games with 2 goals and 5 assists, Marchand partner Brad from 1 goals and 3 assists, David Barkis was right 1 goals and 3 assists. And under the leadership of Pasternack, the team’s two group also has a good wholesale jerseys performance, this season, the state of the doldrums David Beckham has 1 goals and 4 assists. This makes them three games after the Huanshuai scored 14 goals this season, the Bruins leading rate in attack is still maintained a high level, has been because of offensive efficiency problems led to the team’s record of disadvantage, if they can continue this good feeling it will be very terrible news for their rivals.
The defensive end, the team’s two core of Tori Kruger and Zedano Chala is also the last state brave, two people over the past 4 games with 1 goals and 4 assists and 1 goals and 3 assists, a good series from the team’s offensive defense.
Good play around the field to let goalkeeper Toucas Lasker breaks, playing the game he made 25 saves with shutout, sweep the recent downturn, if he can return to the top five of the league’s level, then the Bruins will further play.
The sharks, this game is the last game of the team for the six consecutive day of rest before, from the statistics this season, the game winning probability is very high. They play away 4:1 defeats the coyotes showed a good state, goalkeeper Martin Jones also got the rest of the game, they will go all out at the first leg defeat for the opponent.
cheap jerseys Offensively, the team still have to rely on the best of Brent Burns and captain Jo Pavilskiy play, Burns remains a hot state, facing the coyotes in the game he scored two goals in the last 7 games with 5 goals and 3 assists in the strong performance of the season, 58 games in his total 61 points terror. Is sharks can be maintained in the Pacific Division of the first key. Captain Pavel J Ki hit 2 goals and 2 assists in the outstanding performance in the face of the Florida Jaguars in the game, with veteran Thornton and Marlowe has also recently played well, so they will be on the Bruins defense bring huge challenge.

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Men's Pittsburgh Penguins Sidney Crosby Reebok 2017 Stadium Series Player Premier JerseyCheap Jerseys The Blackhawks sent on goalkeeper Scott Darling, and the brown bear is still sent on the main Toucas Lasker. The first section is completely Bruins occupy the absolute initiative, one or two groups of their continuous threat group striker Darin guarded the door, seventh minutes after the door, the young David Pasternack instigated offensive he was astute to keep up with the ball before the door, Tim Shora close tongshe Darin brave resolve. After 1 minutes a group of black bear striker put pressure on the post at the door for a team in scoring Brad Marchand, he across the front, but to keep up with the Patrice primary Geelong did not hit the ball, let Darin have time to fight. Eleventh minutes, the Blackhawks finally launched a campaign, Captain Jonathan Tefors Ryan Hartman and a group of continuous shooting, but are easy to resolve the lasker. After the game the bears again into the rhythm, but they shot also failed the first two sides battle 0:0, and the positive aspects of 17:6 to shoot bears a substantial lead.
wholesale jerseys In section second, Black Hawk began to strengthen the offensive, but blocking opponents start wave onslaught, the Bruins still occupy the initiative, fourth minutes, Pasternack from the outside beyond the two best defender Duncan Keith defensive close shot, Darin still heroics, resolve to start the second quarter bears the best opportunity. Keith hook gave the first foul Bruins a chance to play less, although they scored 27 times in the past a little chance in 9, but only 2 minutes the Blackhawks Our wills unite like a fortress., to bear 1 shots, the first time a little only failed. Morale is ascension launched sporadic Blackhawks counterattack, Patrick Kane has the threat in the seventh minute shot, but the Bruins defense is still calm, no good chance to score the Blackhawks too much. Fourteenth minutes, two of their group launched a wave of onslaught, Andrew David Kretsch and Tim Shora Darin are continuous shooting, thrilling resolve. A little launched a storm until the second quarter before the Blackhawks by anchorage foul, Kaine and Keith Lasker continuous shot was resolved, the two sides finally in the first two finishes are unable to make positive contribution, the bears continue to lead to shoot on 25:14.
At the beginning of the third quarter, the Blackhawks finally occupied the field of active, Kaine scored fifth shots again by the Lasker resolve. The Bruins also began to fight back in the middle of the three groups. David Barkis cleverly assists in front of Pittsburgh Penguins Jerseys the Sipuenna, but the latter close shot Dapian, missed a good opportunity opener, the Blackhawks also has West Rosa and Hartmann also not resigned to playing Men’s second fiddle, turns by speed, without fear of the impact of the Bruins. Just when people thought that the game will be 0:0 into overtime when the Blackhawks three group forward force, section third to 18 minutes and 34 seconds, young Si Knost Rosa was quick to seize the gap into the Bruins change to the blue line, he came straight to partner Tanner Clou, the latter in the end near the dart across the front line backhand found accurately insert the veteran Marion Hosa, Huo sand face half empty not to miss the opportunity, his close tongshe finally broke the deadlock, 1:0. In the final bear most of the time to occupy the absolute active cases can only swallow the 0:1 defeat, this wave of three successive defeats also let their playoff situation more difficult, and the Black Hawk with this tough victory, the standings tied the Minnesota wild.

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Men's Pittsburgh Penguins Sidney Crosby Reebok Black Premier JerseyPittsburgh Penguins Jerseys The Chicago Blackhawks and the Boston bears will catch on the athletic field, Wushirenfei, although the two teams are currently in the playoff team in the ranks, but the current situation is different, the decline of the Bruins to struggling to maintain the old style, and successive lineup change, Black Hawk is still in the central top sports Tencent will be in Beijing on the morning of January 21st 8:00 as you live video of the game, please pay attention.
Cheap Jerseys In the past 4 games suffered 3 defeats, which also lost two league minnows New York island and Detroit red wings, which makes Boston bears championship in the situation becomes more difficult. Although they are currently still in the District of the Atlantic in second place, but Toronto and Ottawa maple leaf behind senators have 6 games in more and more by the Tampa Bay Lightning potential can not be underestimated.
The offensive end, the Bruins still rely on a group of Brad Marchand output, Canadian national champion in the last 8 games and scored 7 goals and 7 assists, is currently the most popular players in the state league. And his partner Patrice Bo Geelong recently finally reversed the decline, 3 goals and 6 assists, the performance is also good, but their teenager David Pasternaktsar mediocre, was the top scorer once beat Crosby since he was injured after the ball has not accounted for, scoring drought had lasted over a month, although he has 7 assists for Houston in the last 8 games, but if he can’t open, for the original performance is not a small blow bad bear attack, but Pasternack shot in positive still has a good performance, he believes the distance score is not far away.
wholesale jerseys In defence, Tori Kruger can only rely on the Bruins to offensive series, and defensive end, check with the pull of old, the team’s performance is not stable, plus Kevin Miller and Colin Miller injured, the game they can withstand the Chicago Blackhawks attack group the impact of concern. The goalkeeper position is the most let the Bruins headaches, originally firmly occupy the best goalkeeper candidate positions card Lasker recent state is very poor, although he shutout Nashville Raiders in January 13th, but other matches, his fighting rate did not reach 90%, currently his saves rate has fallen to 91.9%. Not only completely out of the best goalkeeper for his career average distance, there is not a small gap.