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Men's Kansas City Royals Eric Hosmer Majestic White 2017 Home Cool Base Replica Celebrate your Kansas City Royals Jerseys pride with this Eric Hosmer Cool Base player jersey from Majestic. It features quality Kansas City Royals graphics and Cool Base technology.After the game, Erwin returned to the locker room, put his feet in the ice bucket, but also covered his head with a towel. After that, Erwin and James conducted a dialogue between the leaders, the two frank and in-depth talk about the team’s problems now.
For two of the conversation, Erwin refused to disclose to the media, but he said the conversation is positive. In an interview, Erwin said everyone is responsible for the recent performance of the Cavaliers in the doldrums, especially his own, need to do better in the next game, to have a higher demand.
“The team is in trouble and I have to face it.” Erwin said, “we all have a responsibility, but more importantly, I look at myself in the mirror and know that I’m not doing enough. I would like to put forward higher demands on themselves, play a high level of competition.”
Cheap Jerseys Return to knight has ushered in the Lok Fu and J-R- Smith, but the team has in the past 6 games lost 4 games, lost first in the eastern part of the throne, this is their last year for the first time since mid November for the eastern top position. Erwin said he has a responsibility to help bring back the music and JR into the team.
“As a point guard, I have to do my best to help the music and JR back into the starting lineup and keep them on track.” Erwin said, “throughout the season, there will inevitably be ups and downs and inconsistencies, but as adults and professional players, we can do is to solve the problem. It all starts with the practice of training, we have to put forward higher demands on themselves, everyone should take their responsibility.”
Erwin said that he is now most concerned about the team can not be complacent mood. In the last season, the Cavaliers won the team’s first championship, players will inevitably have a temporary relaxation after success, the desire for the championship will be reduced. But this time, Erwin stood up and stressed that a championship is not enough.
“We can’t always think of a championship.” Erwin said, “you have to think, you also want to get second, third and fourth champions, I want more trophies, and then strive for. As one of the leaders of the team, my job is to get my teammates to fight with me.”
“Now we need a wake-up call.” Erwin said, “we know what we expect of each other. We’ve had a good performance, and now we have to play a higher level.In the NBA arena, the coach is the decision maker on the field, his ability and vision, to a large extent determine the success of a team in the short and long term. By this standard, Popovich is undoubtedly the most active League coach, even said he was the greatest coach in the history of NBA is not too much.
Since the 1997-98 season, the Spurs each season have maintained at least 60% winrate, they made the playoffs every year, 5 times won the championship, is occupation sports teams in recent 20 years, the most successful in the nation. In the summer of last year, Duncan announced his retirement, but under the leadership of Popovich, the Spurs still played 57 wins and 16 negative record, the highest in the western part of the country’s top second. Spurs are enduring, not only the team before Duncan, but also because of the existence of Popovich.
Popovich scored 9.73 points on the coach’s score, almost as high as the top of the list of nearly second points from the top of the game at the top of the game, with a score of nearly 1 points. Cole scored 8.76 points, although he has only been in charge for the first time in his career and has scored a total of at least 60 wins every year for just over 3 seasons. Cole led the warriors to win the first season, second season hit a record high of 73 wins, this season, his team is still high in the League again, the top first. Coach Cole has won a staggering 84%.
wholesale jerseys Ranked third is the Celtics coach Stevens, got a score of 8.58, in his Polish, the Boston youth army has surpassed the Cavaliers, occupy the throne of the eastern part of the first. Ranked fourth and fifth are also champions of the coach, respectively, the heat of Spoelstra and the Mavericks of the Carlile.
Rockets coach DAntoni to 7.96 points in the row in the first place, this season, he gave full play to the potential of harden, so that last season, the Rockets this season, the highest in the west of the top third in the season of the year in the United States, the United States and the United States, the United States and the United States in the first half of this year, the United States and the United States and the United States, the. Even Cole said that DAntoni should be the best coach of the season.
Cleveland coach tyronn Lue holding good cards, but recently the team performance is very poor, he only got 7.02 points. Among the top 4 teams in the East and West, the Cavs coach’s score was the lowest in the top 8.

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