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 Golden State Warriors It’s an easy three-pointer when you get this Stephen Curry Golden State Warriors Throwback Road Hardwood Classics Swingman climacool jersey from adidas. The climacool technology built into the jersey conducts heat and sweat away from your body to keep you comfortable.Due to health reasons, TJ cannot take up to 13 hours to China flight, he can only appreciate the wonderful performance in the video by brother CBA league. “When I was in high school, I had a lot of anxiety disorders, which made it impossible for me to develop my potential.” “He’s a basketball player,” TJ said. “But I have a lot in my life. I’m happy to see him.”
TJ is 34 years old, and he is more than a year old, and they often play together at the age of. “It was tough for him. I could cover his shots. I never let him play.” TJ said, “every time I take the ball, I’ll try to defend him, and even knock him down a couple of times.”
In Frey Dieter’s big family, each member’s decision is based on the consensus. In the summer of last year, although the Timberwolves and nuggets showed a certain interest in the silent, but ultimately did not give a contract. The Shanghai team has reached out an olive branch, and finally chose to play in china.
“I’m very excited about the decision.” TJ said, China seems to be the best option, where there is a great basketball market, the rapid development of basketball, our family have recognized the opportunity to play there is really good.”
With Shanghai in March, the end of the league schedule, and he returned to the United States, he is looking for a chance to re join the NBA team. The outside world believes that the poor defense of the TJ, which is a major disadvantage of his NBA, and this does not agree with the. “You need a team that has good team defense and can take advantage of him, let him score and play his style.” TJ says.
In February, CBA had 73 points in a game in the CBA, of course, some people think he can cut the score is mainly due to low competitiveness. “It’s great to be able to score 70,80 points in any professional league.” TJ said, if some people think in the CBA cut points is very simple, I will tell them to try it, the idea is very naive.”
ESPN expert Kevin – Pelton has converted the data, think he may be in NBA 19 minutes every 36 minutes. “To be honest, I’m not sure whether this will change the way scouts and coaches think about him.” Pelton said, if you go back to NBA, he may play point guard, and his organizational ability is very general, conversion, then every 36 minutes less than 3.7 assists.”
Taking into account the size of the body and the ability to exercise, he is in the position of the NBA point guard, the defense is always short board, his ability to create scoring difficult to make up.” Pelton said.
It’s hard to know where he will play next season, but if you ask his brother TJ, Shanghai seems to be the best option. “I’d rather he came back to China because I liked his performance there.” TJ said, “in China, only the sky is the limit of the silent, the opportunity will only be more and more. Marbury has proven himself, not to rely on NBA also have a good career, I can see that is followed by his footsteps.”

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