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沃尔32+9比尔关键三分 奇才再胜老鹰总比分 In the game, the Wizards striker suffered a large area of foul trouble, markieff – Maurice and Jason Smith each had 5 fouls, Otto Potter and Kelly urrbrae each 4 fouls. However, Walter and Bill stood out, the wall in the first quarter to get 12 points, the first half to get 17 points, Bill got 16 points in the fourth quarter, the second half to get 20 points, they arranged the Wizards game of the final 12 points by the Wizards game final 23 points 22 points. Backcourt, today is the Wizards winning hero.
In the first round of the series, the wall scored 32 points and 14 assists, of which the third quarter to get a score of 15, led the wizards to win 114-107. Then Millsap said in today’s competition, they must be on Wall: “we must control the two guys (Wall and Bill), Wall grabbed the snake, I think it will give us a very good chance of winning.”
In the opening stage of the game, the Hawks did limit the wall and Bill, in the layup after the success of Howard, they played a 6-2 start. But the Wizards “not so easily able to be restricted, after Bill attack the basket succeeded, then wal and even two goals scored 5 points in the first quarter, with 5 minutes and 24 seconds, Bill once again hit the jumper, the wizards with a 14-0 run counter to open the score to 16-6, and Bill Waldo arranged this 14 points. Fortunately, the eagle was not offensive to wizards this wave hit in the first quarter, with 46 seconds left, Schroder break layup, they 6-0 to complete a wave of small climax, the score to 22-21. After the first section of the Hawks won the lead 24-23, Schroder and Wall scored 12 points in this section, Bill scored a score of 7.
However, the second quarter of the sudden attack of the power of the eagle, this section after playing for two minutes, they were only small Hardaway broke the scoring drought. In this section there are 6 minutes and 18 seconds, Bill hit the perimeter of three points, wizards have opened the score to 40-32. After Howard finished empty dunk, then Prince was on a break to complete the shot, but the Wizards campaign didn’t stop, in this section with 2 minutes and 36 seconds, Gortat hook shot, they opened the score to 47-38. Since then the eagle will be reduced to 4 points difference, the two teams did not score in the last 1 minutes of the season, after half an eagle to 43-51 behind. The first half of the eagle 43 shots in the hit rate of only 34.9%, of which a total of three points in the cast of 0 of the vote in 8.
The first two teams in the series were blown 47 fouls, the Hawks fined the ball, the Wizards fined 17 goals, Millsap complained after the game: the difference between the game is that we are playing basketball, they are playing MMA (integrated combat).” In the first half of the game, the two teams have a total of 29 fouls, the Hawks have been fined 18 goals, wizards fined a total of 16 goals.
In the third quarter, the referee’s whistle was still ringing, and Smith had a foul in the defence of Millsap when he was left with 6 minutes and 48 seconds. The eagles played a counterattack in the melee in this section with 3 minutes and 38 seconds, Millsap throws two balls, they completed a 13-0 run, the score to 74-67. After the Wizards rally, in this section with 1 minutes 37 seconds, the Norwich throws two balls, they will chase the score 72-74. But this section of the Wizards defense obviously did not do well, they let the hawks in this section of 35 minutes, let the eagle with 78-74 lead into the fourth quarter. Millsap scored 14 points in the season, with a free throw of a score of 8.
Jennings became a substitute for the Wizards of the Raiders, in the fourth quarter, he scored and assists, leading the wizards will score tied, but also the game into the white hot stage. After the two teams score rises alternately, left in the game 1 minutes 05 seconds, Waldo teammate pass dunk, who made the 103-98 lead. After the suspension of the small Hardaway jumper is not, wal rebounds and assists Bill scored three points, wizards scored a lead of 8 points, the game time remaining for 38 seconds. After the rush to vote three points not, they immediately take the foul tactics, Waldo two free throws, Millsap rush to vote three hits, the eagles will Zhuizhi the score 101-107, but eventually beat the Hawks to It doesn’t help the situation. wizards, 109-101, made the 2-0 lead in the total score of the series.
In the middle of the second quarter of the game, Bill and his teammates in the basket movement, they have to cover each other. Suddenly, Bill head back, a scream, make pain like he was elbowed? The referee immediately whistle and watch the replay, the original Bill and the eagles rookie Prince contact, Bill was for his teammates to do the cover, there is open Bill’s actions on Prince’s hand, but did not play the action hit elbow. Howard and the referee sentenced to grab the position when the foul, did not judge the foul of Prince Gortat. But late in the second quarter, Bill in the defense fell off, seems to be back up repeat the stock tricks, wizards, Bill quickly got run over.

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