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Men\'s Nike New England Patriots #80 Irving Fryar Limited Navy Blue Rush Super Bowl LI 51 NFL Gear up with New England Patriots jerseys available right here at the official online shop of the Cheap NFL Jerseys. We have the largest selection of Patriots jerseys of all your favorite players in men’s, women’s, and kids’ sizes.Wei is undoubtedly the most attention of the players, a lot of people are looking forward to his next season to get forty-second pairs of three, breaking the historical record. But helpless, thunder team is not in the state, only 34 of the vote in 93. Wei although the lock of the season are three pairs, but the distance between the two games is also bad for the 2 assists, the team also suffered a defeat of 21 points in three. The core of the sun, 70 points Mr. Booker performed well in this field, the investment of 13 in the next 5 points and a rebound of 37 rebounds and 4 assists in 29. Especially at the end, the thunder also want to counterattack, but Booker scored 21 points, killed the game of suspense, also let him Shaodai we end up ahead of the rest.
The game, Wei as long as there are 6 assists, you can lock the season are averaging three pairs. If you cut 1 pairs of the next two, Wei will gain the second quarter of this season, the forty-second double, breaking the “big O” Robertson 1961-62 season to create a single record of the season of the three double (41) (). At the same time, Wei less career total will reach three even 79 times more than Chamberlain, rose to record fourth. And the first 3 games against the sun, Wei little field were cut by 41.7 points, 13.7 rebounds and 13.7 assists.
It is clear to everyone that there is little chance that he will play three games against the sun, and what does that mean for him?. Perhaps because of this, Wei Shaohe the whole thunder are back on the psychological burden, only 5 minutes before the first by Gibson get a score of 2. In the sun, Ryan and Chris storm, Buck shot, hit a wave of attacks 14-2. Wei Wei then sent 2 assists, but his personal offense is still feeling depressed, but also frequent mistakes. The first section of the game, Wei 6 less than 0 in the vote, only got 1 points, 5 rebounds and 2 assists, but there have been mistakes in the 5. After the success of Booker’s breakthrough, the sun to maintain a two digit advantage to 32-19 lead thunder.
The second section, the thunder state is still not improved, Wei less after the debut and then threw 5 balls, the first 11 shots without a hit. The thunder teammate seems to have been infected, Adams received Wei less pass, shot close to the point. The sun played more confident, 44 shots in the second half of the 27, hit more than 60%. Dudley hit three points in a row, Warren jump shot, the sun will actually expand the advantage to the point of 28. Until this time, Wei less a vote, as if wakening from a dream, a strong breakthrough hit three points, scored 5 points. Half court, Wei 13 less than two points in the vote was only 6 points, 7 rebounds and 3 assists, thunder to 48-71 behind the sun.
Easy battles, thunder has improved significantly, prevent continuous 3 times, Wei less instigated back breath, 3 assists. With sixth assists, Wei has been locked in advance of the season are double the field, becoming the history of the second people in the three. Since then, Wei gradually relaxed mood, hit two consecutive record of three points, and then through the free throw and break, take off a single point of 10 points. Thunder hit a 18-6 attack wave, the difference narrowed to 11 points. But before the end of the three quarter, the sun broke out again, Buck jumper, Dudley hit three points, the moment will be expanded to the advantage of 17 points. Wei Wei after the end, the thunder further into the passive, Ryan storm buckle, Booker singles, the sun to the end of the third quarter 18-6 offensive, will expand to 95-72.

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